Courthouse Consultant / Government Project Specialist

Courthouse Consultant / Government Project Specialist In 1994 Greg began his private practice and later was under contract with the US District Court in New Mexico as an architect and owner representative. The wealth of experience gained from the time he spent programming, designing, overseeing construction and dealing with the General Services Administration makes him an expert consultant for federal government projects, specifically, Courthouses of all types. He became knowledgeable in the requirements and implementation of GSA’s internationally renowned Design and Construction Excellence Programs. Whereby, GSA engages the best private sector architects and engineers to design, renovate and construct federal buildings. As the Court’s project manager and architect, he knows firsthand the specific security, technology and functional needs that a Courthouse requires.

He was primarily responsible for over 50 tenant improvement / alteration projects for the Federal District Court in six courthouses throughout New Mexico. He designed and drew the construction documents to build out the space and worked hand in hand with the GSA and their contractors to complete the projects, many costing over one million dollars in construction.


In the private sector, he has designed multiple residences, as well as commercial and professional office spaces. His focus is on sustainable design, melding traditional and contemporary building techniques. His own residence, built in 1990, is a passive solar, adobe and timber structure that used a majority of “green” materials in a compact footprint respecting the surrounding agricultural land. A recent addition to the house in 2003 was the first rammed-earth building construction allowed in the City of Albuquerque.